#71 Slick Willie

#71 Slick Willie

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Bill seems to talk a lot about “hit jobs” done on him. He mentioned it again just the other day.


If you haven’t figured out the “gimmick” yet, notice that today’s comic is drawn precisely the same as yesterday’s. That is what I will be doing for the rest of this 7 day comic extravaganza. Same panel drawings, different dialog. Consider this my homage to the fantastic Ryan North, who has been doing this for HUNDREDS OF COMICS, and yet somehow manages to be consistently hilarious and brilliant.

So, that is all for today – see you tomorrow with a new comic, and information about the next gimmick!


  1. chaos872 says:

    Slick Willy, Tricky Dick, “Jimmy” carter, I FINALLY GET IT,All the worst US presidents are named after penises

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