#70 Being

#70 Being

I’ve started on Heidegger this semester if you can’t tell, for a course that I’m auditing to learn a bit about an area of philosophy I’m rather deficient in. It’s weighing on my mind, and the result is this comic. Hope you don’t mind!

Also apologies, AGAIN, for the lack of comics. Ugh. I blame it on Guitar Hero. And laziness. But mostly Guitar Hero.

Anyway rest assured the dry spell is over. For real this time! The 7 straight days of comics begins TODAY (made possible by a bit of a gimmick, which should be apparent by tomorrow’s comic). So please, stop with the puppy killing (see previous comic’s comments).

Speaking of gimmicks I also have a little something else in the works for the near future, for which I will require input from you, my darling readers. Stay tuned for details!

Discussion (2)¬

  1. ibqtfkx says:

    being is being being.

  2. THEATY says:

    HAHAHA Nice one.

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