#72 Relativism

#72 Relativism

Here is a comic! Enjoy! Also, there are details about the next project below. In short, be one of the first 12 to tell me a philosopher that you would like to see a comic about, and I will create a comic about him/her! 

Discussion (6)¬

  1. chaos872 says:

    yea, that is the one flaw of realtivism, other people like to believe they exists and therefore matter. =(

  2. Tamara says:

    If there have not yet been twelve other requests, I’d be interested in seeing Pascal or Hume.

  3. Psymon says:

    This is one of many flaws of relativism–it’s all fine and dandy until someone decides that “beating up moral relativists is right for me (and you can’t say anything against it)” or, as in the comic, starts to challenge the morals the individual relativist holds.
    Silly flawed humans, what makes you think you can decide your own morals? Or is it that you are actually violating your morals and want a philosophical salve to soothe the guilt without changing your behavior?
    I figure people like to judge so much, moral relativism would not be an attractive choice because it takes away the right to judge–but really, only for the relativist.

  4. Canuovea says:

    Interesting, though a moral relativist would theoretically (or so I believe) not really mind others being judgmental even if they think being judgmental is wrong. They would just accept that not everyone agrees, and all would be well and good for them so long as they do not begin judging others themselves. Unless they believe that they have a moral obligation to force others to agree with them, that gets complex and nasty. One of the reasons for law! Something I should not get started on now…

  5. chaospet says:

    Canuovea: People who are drawn to relativism often do use it to argue that we shouldn’t be judgmental of others. Of course this is a mistake (and that’s one of the points I was trying to make in the comic); for the consistent relativist the answer to the question of whether we ought to be judgmental is itself relative.

  6. daftlittleinsomniac says:

    this is persicly why I start banging my head against the wall when some on mentions a popular postmodernist argument.

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