#78 Nasty Rumors

#78 Nasty Rumors

Today’s comic was drawn entirely on my Nintendo DS, thanks to an awesome little homebrew paint program called Colors. Though it is very limited in features (I REALLY wish it had an undo function), it’s extremely easy to use, and much more natural than a mouse or drawing pad. I may or may not continue to use this for future comics – we’ll see!

As for the Nietzsche rumors mentioned in the comic, I have no idea if they’re true (in fact, recent evidence suggests that the syphilis claim is poorly supported by the available facts). But still, scandalous rumors about great thinkers = easy-to-write comics!

And while we’re on the topic of Nietzsche humor, check these out on YouTube if you haven’t already – an “attack ad” from Nietzsche attacking Kant, and the subsequent reply from Kant. It’s great stuff!

Discussion (7)¬

  1. Hitler says:

    Why Don’t Go We Back to the God thing….

  2. Hitler says:

    thats cool for doing it on the nintendo ds though and I also
    see what you mean by the no undo button…

  3. chaospet says:

    It makes me wish Nintendo would just come out with a full featured drawing program. Seriously, Mario Paint DS? It’d be awesome! But in the meantime, the homebrew community has done a pretty impressive job.

  4. chaos872 says:

    (links in newspost)

    Nietzsche’s personal faults asside he is FAR better suited than Mr. KANT

    I mean resorting to baseless mudslining, I genuinly expected more.

  5. Colin Matthews says:

    you switched around two words!

  6. chaospet says:

    Switched words? What switched words? Everything is just as it should be. AND IT ALWAYS WAS

  7. dzag says:

    we are dead. dead as robots can be. (work – eat – sleep – repeat)

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