#79 Twue Wuv

#79 Twue Wuv

So yeah if you want a really exciting read, check out Spinoza’s Ethics sometime. The hyper-rational explication of all of the emotions is really strange.. but as you dig in it starts to seem not completely implausible? Also as you can see, Spinoza’s hair actually was really crazy.

In other news, you may have noticed that the forum is gone. This is because my site was hacked over the weekend via a weakness in the forum plugin. No lasting damage was done and everything is fixed now thanks to my awesome computer skillz (ie, me stumbling around incompetently through files and almost destroying the site entirely until I finally figured out how to change my password back), but I don’t want to risk something worse happening in the future. So, no more forum, at least for now. Which is just as well I suppose, most of the discussion here seems to take place in the comments on the comics anyway.

Also I guess I am really not the only comic in the world that references dialetheism? If you haven’t already go check out Terror Island – funny stuff! I am totally down with the trialetheism movement.


  1. chaos872 says:

    Warm and fuzzy, it aint
    But to think he had all this shit figured out in the 17th century and yet we still play along with the hardwired system
    case of “can’t see the forrest for the tree’s

    I guess “don’t want to” might be more appropriate, seeing as emotions (by virtue of genetic necessity) have survival or replication value

    It does you no good to say the emperor is naked in a world where everyone agrees that the emperor has clothes. Agrees on that fact to the extreme degree that whenever anyone sees the emperor they halucinate and envision clothes on him. Realiy be dammed, Embrace the horror

    btw sorry for the long rant, but forum closed and you hit another one of those issues that begs commenting.

    heh ironic link (also, not wrong in this case but compelling enough to need comment)

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