#153 Brotherly Love

#153 Brotherly Love

I am away on vacation this weekend, and look, I still have a comic for you! I am too good to you, dear readers.

Until next time, and have a Happy Halloween!

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  1. Canuovea says:

    Yeah. I remember Han Solo’s face when he got it. In other words “Score!” just about covers it. You gotta love how these little plot devices work out so well…

    What they don’t show you is that after the Death Star blows up the rest of the Imperial fleet (remember all those ‘Star Destroyer’ things?) just kill all the rebels. Yeah. Dead.

    Well that’s what would have happened if the movie made any sense, you know, when you think about it.

  2. Tix says:

    Faux incest = hot

  3. Dylan says:

    Presuming that the rebels don’t jump to lightspeed and get the hell out of there. And that, at the loss of their emperor and his number one (vadar), the rest of the fleet don’t just collapse. After all, they are mostly made up of storm troopers, who were previously following orders (see episode three), which are now irrelevant without an emperor to follow, and so logically they should revert back to their previous orders, which involved a lot of fighting for the other team, so to speak. I mean, this is all just my interpretation, you know. I’m sure the next post is gonna completely debunk my theory. And wookipedia probably knows better than all of us.

    Hey, a comic about star wars incest jokes! You had lots of time to think of something original, huh? =P
    I kid, I love it really.

  4. Canuovea says:

    Ah but the rebels didn’t run… in fact they had a party on the bloody moon right afterwards! With Ewoks banging on storm trooper helmet drums! And not all the imperials are storm troopers, there were plenty of officers, and ships captains etc. And with the Emperor gone then wouldn’t the ambitious ones want a shot at killing off the rebels and taking over? No. Destroying the Death Star doesn’t end the space battle (that the rebels were losing)… PLOT INCONSISTENCY HAAAAAA! Ahem. Right. Well there is alway the Deus ex Machina plot device. “And then a asteroid came and crushed all the star destroyers…”

    And no I’m not a Trekie (But the latest Star Trek was better than the most recent Star Wars films… INHO).

  5. chaospet says:

    Dylan: Hey, you’re lucky you got anything at all. 😉

    Also, I am very pleased that this comic sparked a geeky Star Wars debate. Continue!

  6. LEGION says:

    yeah, what did happen to the whole chain of command thing. Expanded universe has the Empire fighting the rebels (now the “new republic”) for a while after that.

  7. Wm Tanksley says:

    I don’t think anyone can realistically say that Lucas is a storytelling genius. The inconsistencies between “A New Hope” and the next two episodes alone should prove that. You pretty much HAVE to invent rationalizations after the fact to make it seem consistent.

    The very first book written in the Expanded Universe series (Zahn’s Dark Force trilogy) comes up with two excuses — one believable, that Vader had all of the top command on his personal Star Destroyer (the one that plowed into the Death Star); and one a little less so, that the Emperor, in his capacity as a dark Jedi, was augmenting the minds and cooperation of all the local Imperial forces, and when he died, their training became almost useless.

    Actually, the latter rationalization might also explain stormtroopers’ incredible aim.

  8. Canuovea says:

    Wow. So immediately after all the “top command” died on the super star destroyer thingy the rest of the captains of the other star destroyers all ran away… or let the rebels destroy them? I mean, come on, that was a lot of Star Destroyers… As for theory two: So the Emperor was also an Overmind thing? Huh.

    Lucas has so many plot hole issues that it isn’t funny… no, it is funny. And how did the stormtroopers go from being a relatively decent fighting force (clones) to the unable to aim plastic boys known as stormtroopers?

    And Lucas, far from explaining this problem when he had the chance (the remastered extra scene versions, you know the one where they replaced the ghost thing of the guy who actually played Darth Vader with that pipsqueak from Episodes 2 and 3), in fact he made it worse. He clearly shows people celebrating the demise of the Emperor on Tatooine (or whatever), Naboo, and, get this, Coruscant. Yes, given the way the the scenes were compiled it made it seem like it was around the same time. So they start celebrating the death of the Emperor on Coruscant. The freaking capitol! Where there would almost certainly be an imperial presence! Not only does this make no sense, but it spits at the whole expanded universe, which made the whole thing continue on for some time (I didn’t read a whole lot of the expanded universe myself). So Lucas manages to make things even more unrealistic, and shoot down all that fan fiction that happened. Oh and get rid of the only scene where you actually see the poor fellow who was stuck in that overheated suit while playing Vader. Way to go.

    Not a storytelling genius might be being generous. I’d credit him with a great imagination, but tons of plot holes too!

  9. EveryZig says:

    Maybe Luke just smashed a moon into star destroyers, due to the whole ‘size matters not with the force’ thing. They really seemed to under-use the force in the movies.

  10. Canuovea says:

    Really? Under use the force? Maybe in the older ones, but the newer movies… And that one game I watched my brother play… I mean, I watched as my brother played as this one guy who crashed a freaking star destroyer into a planet.

    Gah I looked it up on that Wookiepedia site. Apparently somebody told the other guys to run and they did. Makes a whole lot of sense. Not really actually. At the very least that is unrealistic (but better than Palpatine as some overmind thing that made the Imperials fight… Or Luke crashing a moon into the fleet…). And I suppose you can come up with any excuses given enough fan fic… And as for dealing with the people celebrating… apparently there was a failed uprising on Coruscant. Probably the stupidest population of a city(planet) in history then. Ah well.

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