#152 Bunny Fuel

#152 Bunny Fuel

Just barely getting this one in under the wire, whew.

Hope you enjoy the comic. The best part is, I’m not making this up at all.

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  1. Canuovea says:

    WOAH! That rabbit’s head is bigger than it’s body…

    The truth of the matter is that would be false advertising. The bunnies wouldn’t look that cute, no, they would be these morbidly obese blobs with ears. Like a jumbo battery. Then again maybe for the smaller appliances they might come in “cute” or “mini” size.

    It would look like a chicken farm, just with these fat blobs in smaller cages lined up all along a hallway that stretches on for miles. The hallway would be on a kind of giant treadmill that slowly brings the bunnies towards the back. By the time they reach The End they are old and fat and just the right size. The bunnies are removed from their cages (which can be difficult because some are so large they need to be pried out with a crowbar) and then quickly harvested. The cages are recycled, going back to the beginning and having new baby bunnies placed inside. If the bunnies are dead from another cause before they reach The End then they are still used regardless because it hardly matters.

    The facilities would be heavily guarded to prevent terrorist attacks by the animal rights people. The most vocal of these groups would be destroyed, so PETA can kiss it’s &^() goodbye. Due to the impossibleness of actually destroying the facilities (they could withstand a nuke’s explosion but not the radiation) those terrorists that did succeed would use mustard gas to kill all the bunnies as a mercy. And if there happened to be a few employees in the area the terrorists would consider it a bonus.

    Oh my. Imagination, who says it takes you to good places?

  2. chaospet says:

    Canuovea: I have to disagree; a morbidly obese fuzzy rabbit is about the cutest thing I can imagine.

  3. Danni says:

    So… Since I drive a car fueled with biofuel produced from local CRAP, what does that say about me? 😮

  4. Canuovea says:

    Okay then, throw in mange, patches without fur, visible flees, rabies, and… well just how much neglect and disease can these things take? That would be lovely cute huh? Needless to say those who do the actual harvesting at The Factory would need to be in hazmat suits…

    But now that I think about it, a regular morbidly obese fuzzy rabbit would be pretty cute…

  5. Wm Tanksley says:

    Burning’s nice, but in the US we don’t need the electricity; that’s what our tanks and aircraft carriers are for. A much better use for wild bunnies is to feed introduced packs of wolves, which would in turn make our morning jog MUCH more serious.

  6. chaospet says:

    Danni: Well I think that’s pretty awesome actually, but still wouldn’t you rather have fuel from a cuter source?

    Canuovea: Biofuel with rabies… perfect for angry drivers!

    Wm: Haha, yes. If there is one thing we need, it’s wolves… for awesome wolf-fuel!

  7. LEGION says:

    Actually, come to think of it farming animal for biofuel would be interesting.

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