#151 Global Cooling?

#151 Global Cooling?

Today’s comic is more of a mini-rant than anything, forgive me. I am just a bit weary of hearing ‘gotcha’ proclamations from the global warming deniers because of the unusually cool weather occurring in some parts of the world recently. It’s absurd on so many levels.

For starters, not all parts of the world are experiencing the cooler-than-normal weather patterns. For instance here in Miami and in South Florida we set some record high temperature records earlier this month, right when other parts of the nation were experiencing record snowfall. The (very obvious) point is that you cannot look at a few regions and draw any conclusions, you have to look at the entire world. It’s called global warming people, not northern United States and Europe warming.

Furthermore, even if this ends up being a cooler year on average for the globe overall (as it could), that does not automatically disprove the global warming theory. Global warming theory predicts slow change over very long periods of time; naturally from year to year there are going to be fluctuations up and down. The evidence for global warming (and mankind’s involvement) is still very strong; one cool season in parts of the world does virtually nothing to disprove it.

And yes, I do understand that not all global warming skepticism is this simplistic or idiotic. There are some serious scientists who raise some serious objections. My beef is only with laypeople (and media figures like Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, etc) proclaiming that the global warming theory has been decisively refuted every time we get below average temperatures anywhere in the world.

Anyway, enough ranting. On a lighter note I am off to see KISS in concert later this evening. Ohhh yeah. Have a good weekend, see ya back here Monday!

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  1. antoine says:

    haven’t you heard? the global warming hypothesis is a filthy liberal conspiracy, just like evolutionary theory and algebra.

  2. Emil says:

    Algebra? It’s muslim ffs! (Look it up.)

    Anyway, there is something philosophical about this rant. Since the arguments criticized commit the informal fallacy of hasty generalization. http://www.fallacyfiles.org/hastygen.html

  3. Canuovea says:

    On a related note they now have snowball guns. That’s right. Somebody finally decided to make one of those. All more proof of global cooling! Why bother with a snowball gun if it’s getting warmer?!

    But seriously. Snowball gun. Freaking awesome. And no. It isn’t a military weapon. The Canadian equivalent of the children’s water gun. Because all Canadians live in igloos… right?

    Still, military issue snowball gun would be cool, almost as cool as laser guns. Showdown: lasers vs snowballs! Who. Is. The. Deadliest!

  4. Julian7 says:

    Well done

  5. chaospet says:

    Emil: Good to know that even when I rant, I am still philosophical.

    Canuovea: Snowball guns? Really??? That IS awesome.

  6. Canuovea says:

    Chaospet: I figure it was only a matter of time. How they work is you take a bunch of snow, put it on the area on top of the gun and cover it with something. Sort of like a mold (not the organism). Take the thing (mold) off and you have three formed snowballs. Then you take one of the snowballs off and load it in the front, pull some kind of slingshot thing back, and pull the trigger. Repeat as necessary. It’s like the bolt action rifle of snowballs.

  7. Abeo says:

    Canuovea: Well… most of us Canadians did use to live in igloos. Unfortunately, what with the housing crash and all, it is now only the very rich and/or lucky who can afford to live in igloos. It doesn’t help that long-term enthusiasm in the igloo market is being destroyed by global warming, slowing the rebuild of the market considerably.

    You’d think that that would make the igloos more affordable, unfortunately while the majority of Canadians were evicted, their igloos fell into disrepair and no one has the money to repair them, nor would they want to, the repairs would cost more than the value of the igloos.

    A sad year for Canadians.

  8. LEGION says:

    Abeo, we only use the igloos to hide out nuclear weapons. We have twice that of the rest of the world put together. Ever wonder why we are no nice? We know your screwed and feel slightly sorry for you.

  9. Canuovea says:

    I am Canadian and I didn’t know about the nukes. I bet it’s really the Inuit who run the government then huh? They have quite a few igloos up there (more than those people farther South anyway), so with all that nuclear power they must have a lot of influence… I knew that the Canadian government was only a proxy or front, but I always imagined it was for the warmongering USA or those mean evil corporations! Now I know the truth… ITS A CONSPIRACY!! AHHHHHHH!!!!

    On a side note: We also have better nukes than anyone else…

    Moral of the story? Things are not how they appear. Especially when it comes to Canadians. Mwhahahahahahaha! Ahem.

  10. Mr. Pither says:

    When there’s hot weather or storms, the people who believe in global warming say that it’s because of that. It’s bogus for the same reason–it’s about long term trends, and there have always been hot years and cold years.

    There was an interview recently on my local public radio station. A man explained how people are causing global warming and we need to take steps to stop it. I wondered if I could believe him. A caller asked him about eating locally grown food. That’s a complicated issue–sometimes food from far away can have a lower net carbon impact. He simply said that it was a good thing, and increased our spiritual connection to the earth. With spokesmen like that, we’re doomed.

  11. LEGION says:

    Also there is the fact we can invade Russia, because we can face the winter.

  12. Canuovea says:

    That is true…

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