#139 Pirate-Ninja vs. Self

#139 Pirate-Ninja vs. Self

Sorry for the long absence but I am back! And starting officially today: a new regular schedule (yay!). The comic will now update every Monday and Thursday, thanks largely to a severe guilt trip bit of encouragement from my good friend Michelle. So tell all your friends and be sure to check back Thursday for a new comic!

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  1. Canuovea says:

    There are some questions that no matter what you do to avoid them… you can’t. This is one of them.

    And yay you’re back!

  2. Abeo says:

    I always regarded the argument as a tad silly.

    One of the combatants attains success through incredible skill and rigorous physical training.

    The other attains success through primarily scare-tactics. And is likely diseased and suffering from malnutrition.

    It is like asking who would win out of an Olympic athlete and a hobo.

  3. chaospet says:

    @Canuovea: yay!

    @Abeo: To be fair, I think we’re supposed to be considering more the swashbuckling skilled swordsman pirate stereotype. Also, they have cannons and guns.. and of course, talking parrots to warn them of approaching ninja.

  4. Canuovea says:

    Abeo, I think the argument for Pirates is similar to that one scene in Indiana Jones (Number 1)…

    I don’t care how skilled you are or how great your physical training. Go ahead do your fancy moves. When the other guy pulls out a gun *BAM* all done. Pirates just have to hope their pistols don’t misfire or jam… I would say they need to worry about a ninja stabbing them in the back, but… I forgot about talking parrots.

  5. Emil says:

    Yay! My favorite webcomic is back. (Does that make sense? Since I only follow one webcomic. Does the superlative make sense, then?)

  6. chaospet says:

    @Emil: Makes sense to me. But to make it even more meaningful, you should start following one other comic that you don’t like as much as this one.

  7. michelle says:


    Glad you’re doin’ this shit.

    and i did not guilt trip you 😛 so there

  8. chaospet says:

    @michelle: No of course, you only very slightly encouraged me. yarrrrr!

  9. Emil says:


    But there is no comic that I like less than this one. That’s a comparative sentence! Such a sentence expresses a proposition iff there are at least two things to compare.

    Hmm, you could compare it to itself, but that would make it impossible instead of meaningless. :p

  10. chaospet says:

    Emil: Well, what I mean is find a comic that you will like less than this one. Shouldn’t be too hard. 😉

  11. Emil says:

    I’m just being obnoxious. :p In the cute sense–hopefully!

  12. chaospet says:

    Of course!

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