#103 Warp Speed

#103 Warp Speed

As far fetched as it is, this warp speed idea is still pretty awesome. What makes it even more awesome is how much of a resemblance it bears to Professor Farnsworth’s dark matter drive from Futurama. Once again, cartoons are ahead of the curve…

Just to let you all know, there most likely will not be a Thursday comic this week. I’ll be preparing to drive back down to Miami as my summer vacation comes to an end, and so I doubt I’ll have the time to put anything together. However if any of you, my dear readers, have an idea for a guest comic, feel free to draw it up and e-mail it to me!

Till next time…


  1. Psymon says:

    As I understand relativity, it says nothing can accelerate beyond the speed of light–it says nothing about tachyons already travelling faster than light. Also, if you could convert matter from tardyon form to tachyon form, creating a velocity discontinuity (very big “if”), you could make something travel faster than light.
    But seeing how tachyons have things like imaginary mass and such, it doesn’t sound like it’d work.

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