#102 Kali

#102 Kali

Apparently I decided to see if I could insult an entire religion with a comic today. Enjoy!

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  1. Liquid_Elf says:

    Also more arms obviously equals more awesome 😛

  2. chaospet says:

    So true!

  3. jlpr says:


  4. daftlittleinsomniac says:

    once you throw in brama for the most part hinduism becomes monotheistic. all players, gods, man and nature are a mere fraction of the one unifying force that makes up existance. but yah Kali is one badass motha. HEHEHE

  5. futureishere says:

    Well, Kali is not a goddess of death as many westerners believe. It is a goddess of time, change and victory. And even if she was (actually Yama is god of death), what’s wrong with that? Are you saying that death is not worth revering as much as birth? Can there be balance on this planet without death? Hindus believe that everything that this nature provides is worth revering. So yeah, it is awesome to worship Kali. Or at least, not more ridiculous than worshiping an imaginary supernatural being who likes to write books.

  6. chaospet says:

    futureishere: I didn’t say anything was wrong with that, and I am in no way am I claiming anything about which gods are actually worth worshiping. Perhaps I need to add a disclaimer: any views expressed in these comics (especially by Nester) do not necessarily reflect the actual views of the author. I would think that should go without saying, but maybe not.

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