#241: Unimpressed

#241: Unimpressed

Here’s a philosophy comic for all you ancient philosophy nerds out there (or also for people who paid particularly close attention in their intro to philosophy classes). Don’t forget to check the mouseover for an extra punchline.

For the rest of you, you might find this little primer on Thales helpful.

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  1. Lehooo says:

    One of your best comics yet!
    By the way, have you considered adding buttons for sharing to Facebook/Twitter/other social media sites under your comics? I’m a guy who likes to share things and while having to copy the URL and pasting it on Facebook is not a huge effort, I think you’d be able to get more readers if you had share buttons.

  2. chaospet says:

    Thanks, Lehooo! And thanks for the suggestion – I’ll look into setting that up.

  3. quick says:

    If only Jesus had done some air based miracles, then you could follow this up with an Anaximenes comic.

  4. posing says:


  5. chaospet says:


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