#226: Punoween

#226: Punoween

New comic! Happy Halloween, everyone! (assuming anyone still looks at this)

Discussion (9)¬

  1. wm tanksley says:

    IT’S ALIVE!!!!

  2. Ben says:

    RSS means this loyal reader is never going away. If you post it, I will come.

  3. EssBee says:

    Best. Halloween. Ever. I’m really glad you resisted any temptation you might have had to portray an ‘urban vampire’. The subtlety of the bad pun is where the artistry is at.

  4. chaospet says:

    Thanks Ben, that is very appreciated!

    EssBee, it was quite difficult to resist that temptation.

  5. Mark says:

    What makes werewolves fart?

  6. Mark says:

    Human beans!

  7. B says:

    Good one, Mark.

  8. Canuovea says:


    And double Hah! For the scroll over text.

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