#160 L3tt3rs

#160 L3tt3rs

I am a bit ashamed to admit that this is actually a big pet peeve of mine. But I am working on getting over it – this comic is a first step.

Also, my apologies for the horrible and completely-unrelated-to-the-comic hover text joke.

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  1. bender99 says:


  2. Canuovea says:

    Actually that stuff does kind of bug me a little sometimes. But I think that stems from putting up with far too many things like: noob (or n00b), lol (it could also mean lots of love… just saying), though what really bugs me about lol is when people actually say it, brb, leet (l33t, meaning elite I think), etc. I like WTF though, thats just catchy!

  3. I would have to say that it bugs me too. The greek thing more than the numbers though. My problem is that I also speak Russian as a second language, and no one ever uses those letters correctly. Every time I saw the Borat logo I kept pronouncing it Vordt in my head.

  4. Emil says:

    I say acronyms all the time. Will you hate me now? 🙂

    “lol” is pretty prevalent in the geek community. Some people rarely laugh, they just say “lol” and occasionally “rofl”, etc.

  5. chaospet says:

    Emil: Acronyms don’t bother me so much, mostly it’s just replacing letters with other letters that make no sense. Like the Grssk thing.

    Matt: Yeah, I was ruined when I took a few semesters of Ancient Greek as an undergrad.

  6. LEGION says:

    ΓΕΕΚ or Gamma, epsilon epsilon kappa That is how it should be done.


    1 4m 73h µb3r m493

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