#92 Crystal Skull

#92 Crystal Skull

So I wouldn’t say I hated the new Indiana Jones movie. There’s just lots of things about it that irritated me. Like the stupid CG animals. And the nuclear blast fridge ride. And the stupid aliens. Yeah…

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  1. Liquid_Elf says:

    yeah and the ending was terrible and the bad guy(girl) was only henchman quality evil not fully blown bad guy evil.

    Basically they got all the things you didn’t expect them to get wrong wrong and got everything you were dreading they would get wrong right.

  2. chaospet says:

    Yes, the ending was so horrible…A room full of crystal aliens? A flying saucer? Seriously?

  3. chaos872 says:

    Thankyou chaospet, I was genuinly afraid to see this movie because i had a feeling they would be able to ruin my childhood with it, now i am certain and can activly avoid it =D

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  5. daftlittleinsomniac says:

    surprisingly the cg animals and the aliens built the pyramids theme annoyed me less then I expected. they are so common place that I just assumed they would be in there. What gor me was that the hole movie was Indiana jones going through Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina, place that were retierment homes for much of the escaped SS and Nazi official after world war 2. why then was he fighting soviets. He wouldn’t swing his whip without hitting a Nazi in Argentina, what the heck. would the ss want to continue collecting paranormal trinkets in the hopes of reviving the Reich.

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