#75 Egoism

#75 Egoism

Here’s a comic!

Also I’ve received 11 of the 12 suggestions I need for the upcoming comics-about-famous-philosophers series. So that means there’s only one slot left, so if you have a philosopher you want to see a comic about, now is the time. Leave a comment before it’s too late!

Discussion (6)¬

  1. Colin Matthews says:

    does frank zappa count as a philosopher? He has said some pretty sweet stuff!

  2. chaos872 says:

    Descartes shares my Birrthday, also he was a philosopher AND Mathematician, and 4 outta 5 dentists find that combo sufficiently awesome

  3. chaospet says:

    You share a birthday with Descartes? Excellent! Unfortunately he has already been suggested – if you look under the discussion in the Blogs section you can see everyone who has been suggested so far. And Frank Zappa rocks, but I don’t think I can count him as a philosopher. So one of you, go suggest someone else, quickly!

  4. Colin Matthews says:

    How can you beat quotes like these???
    I mean come on! Its fricken zappa

  5. CoralPete says:

    I don’t think so chief

  6. Annabell says:

    How can we possibly know something will “always” be as this

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