#63 Wood

#63 Wood

So maybe with this I’ve gotten horrible puns out of my system for a while?

Nah, probably not.

By the way this actual comic is actually based on an actual story. Actually! You can read about it here. I can’t fabricate material this good.

Discussion (8)¬

  1. Mark says:

    Less stabbings, more shootings.

  2. chaospet says:

    Sorry, I am just more of a stabby kinda guy. I’ll try to work in a shooting or two in the future for ya though

  3. Colin Matthews says:

    Less stabby and less shootty.
    More Eaten-by-crocodiley

  4. Liquid_Elf says:

    No stabbing is appropriate it keeps in line with such great lines as:
    ‘I wish the internet had a face so i could stab it!’

  5. Rachel says:

    No, I think this one officially takes the cake.

  6. chaospet says:

    Yes finally someone understands. It is ALL about stabbing the internet in the face.

  7. Luis says:

    Whoaaaaaaah, when did the comments came back!?

    Poor Nester, look at him bleeding!

  8. tuypo1 says:

    its been ages since youve had a stabing

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