#6 spiderman 3 (caution! spoilers in this very comic!)

#6 spiderman 3 (caution! spoilers in this very comic!)

these are just some of the many things about Spiderman 3 that made me angry… but I have to confess, he was pretty adorable with the emo hairdo!

Discussion (5)¬

  1. Colin Matthews says:

    That was terrible.
    Spiderman 3 that is.

  2. DJ says:

    lol that was sweet ryan

  3. very true.
    that does piss me off how he just dies like that as well as the “i” rather then “we” “us” its just not venom but stupid topher.

  4. Drat-Drat says:

    Dude, seriously…I just saw that movie a few hours ago. Completely shitty. Venom Rules! Spiderman should’ve died, and Venom should have taken over the comic. xD

  5. Bart says:

    Hey, the director (Sam Raimi I think) thought that this would be his last one, so he said he would go as bat shit fucking loco as he could. Venom: Revamped up the ass. Osbourne family: All dead. Someone making spiderman 4 would have to have some great directing chops to pick up the pieces (Believably, because any asshole can say “Harry was saved… through medical science!”)

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