#42 Really Bad Pun

#42 Really Bad Pun

I am really, truly, deeply sorry for this one. Hopefully you like bad puns!

I suppose you’ve heard about that kid who got tasered at the University of Florida for being too obnoxious during a Kerry Q&A (like Florida hasn’t had enough bad publicity in recent years), and you’ve probably seen the video. This is just my two cents, but the whole thing seems insane to me. Since when do we drag people out of auditoriums for saying the wrong thing? Free speech? Hello?

And everyone is so focused on the fact that this kid is a prankster, that he was probably seeking publicity. So what? The only reason he’s GETTING publicity is because the officers acted so poorly. They shouldn’t have put hands on him (which they did even as Kerry was saying it’s ok, I’ll answer his question). And there was no reason to taser him at all. Tasering is supposed to be a last resort – it’s a risky means of subduing a person when nothing else works. This kid was already pinned down by six officers; the use of the taser was completely unnecessary and unwarranted.

Anyway! Enough ranting. Enjoy the comic, and have a nice day!


  1. Luis says:


    Tazers bad.
    Pumpkins good.

    Math jokes involving pumpkins bad.

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