#271: Zombification

#271: Zombification

Check it out – it’s another in the “useless thought experiments” series!

Now I know what you’re thinking to yourself right now: “wow, what a great looking comic! if only I could have it on a t-shirt or a coffee mug or something”.

Well guess what – you can! I’ve decided to experiment with selling merch, and I’ve got my first few designs up over Design By Humans. The comic you’re looking at right now can be purchased on a coffee mug (or a t-shirt, or a phone case, or as a print even!).

Be sure to visit my store for a couple of other designs based on old comics. And if you order soon, there’s still time to receive stuff before Christmas. They are the perfect gifts for your philosophy nerd friends (or for yourself!).

Stay tuned for more designs soon, and enjoy!

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  1. chaospet says:

    Thanks Pete!

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