#233: Most Enlightened

#233: Most Enlightened

McGinn was interviewed for a new article at the Chronicle of Higher Education. You can read it in full here. The article provides some new details about the allegations, and some of the quotes from McGinn himself are quite… incredible. For instance:

Mr. McGinn, who calls himself both a “ladies’ man” and “the most enlightened person in the world,” is not one to hide his belief that modesty is a form of dishonesty. “People sometimes perceive superiority as arrogance,” he says. “A superior person is not necessarily arrogant, but just superior.”

As a result, I couldn’t resist doing one more comic on the scandal.

Oh and of course, you should pay McGinn’s blog a visit, there’s been lots of fascinating stuff there in the past few weeks. In his most recent post, he once again reminds us how the whole mess really just boils down to silly Americans and their silly lack of irony.


  1. NotWhatHeUsedToBe says:

    To paraphrase Herr McGinn: Fuck the (semantic) police.


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