#230: Utility Monster

#230: Utility Monster

Another comic involving distorted thought experiments used to present problems for Utilitarianism! And also the return of Dr. McDragon! Yay!

Discussion (5)¬

  1. Hey man, i stumbled onto this about a week ago, and i really like some of the comics you have done. But it looks like in recent times you don’t get to upload many?

    how come?

    I have comics too, similar, i only started doing them in March, on comic 39 and doing one a day. Check it out, and i look forward to your next comic 😀


  2. Norbert Rhodes says:

    I thought Haley looked somewhat upset in the second to last panel, as if she might just be the slightest bit jealous of the ‘girl’ Roy is referring to. Or is she just confused?

  3. chaospet says:

    Looney: Your comics are fun, I dig the artwork! My comic went on a very long hiatus as I devoted myself to finishing my dissertation over the past year. But that’s done, so I’m trying to bring it back!

    Norbert: Haley? Roy? I think I am the confused one

  4. B says:

    I would think one could easily find a parallel between the Utility Monster and the Old Testament God. Maybe this is stating the obvious.

  5. wm tanksley says:

    B, I agree that you can find parallels, but they aren’t the elements that are germane to the Utility Monster. The OT God kills a lot of people (and asks for the death of many), but He never explains those deaths as being pleasurable to Him. (OTOH, He does say some things about the process by which the sacrificial animals are killed, like “their smoke will be a sweet aroma to me”.)

    But if you want killing lots of people, you can’t beat the New Testament God (if you consider them distinct). He will resurrect everyone who’s ever lived in order to get a second shot at killing them. Not a Utility Monster, but still hard core.

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