#223: Filicide is fun

#223: Filicide is fun

Louis CK has a particularly awesome take on this Bible story.

Also hey: comic!

Discussion (8)¬

  1. wm tanksley says:

    And hey, a mouseover pun!

    Nice to see the comic. Fun.


  2. chaospet says:

    I’m all about the mouseover puns.

  3. Canuovea says:


    A psycho giving God a lesson in morality. Kinda sad how well God is doing.

  4. Wm Tanksley says:

    Yeah, chaospet- except for the annoying need to draw the comicunder. Zing.
    -wm (I’m just sayin’.)

  5. chaospet says:

    A comic that consists of nothing but mouseover puns… I think you’re on to something here.

  6. Emil says:

    Actually God is considerably less moral than humans. Even if we suppose that he isn’t omnipotent, he is far less potent than humans. Even humans that are not omnipotent, omniscient nor all-good figured out how to make vaccines and save millions of people from suffering. God is either extremely incompetent or extremely stupid or extremely evil.

  7. Cassie says:

    Oh hey. You’re alive. Cool.

  8. chaospet says:

    Emil, of those options, the extremely incompetent God is my favorite.

    Cassie yep, I am alive. And so are you. Yay!

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