#22 naughty gabe

#22 naughty gabe

Why do evil twins always have a goatee? WHY???

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  1. Luis says:

    Well, I was about to comment exactly the same thing: why the evil always have goatee? I have one and I’m not evil… almost…

    I can see a challenge for Earl in this evil Gabe.

    And I wonder what was the thing Nester was about to tell Gabe(e) on the first frame? Man, I HAVE to know it!

    [(e) stands for evil]

  2. monkeyball says:

    the real gabe should grow himself one of those – pretty stylish!

  3. jaron says:

    wtf? why can’t i comment here with my forum log on?

    make the site work seamlessly… then i’ll try to spread it on dig

    and…. ironically, i have a goatee and my evil twin doesn’t

  4. ryan says:

    I just integrated them; from now on, anyone who registers for the forum is now registered for the main page via WordPress, and vice versa. However, the integration didn’t bring people who were ALREADY registered for the forum into the WordPress database, unfortunately, so if you want the seamless experience, you’ll have to create a new account….

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