#193: Pearl Necklace Necklace

#193: Pearl Necklace Necklace

The best part is that I am not making this up at all. The site makes a point of informing you that each necklace is hand made; I’m not entirely sure I want to know what they mean by that.

Oh and if you’re wondering about the perfume mentioned in the hovertext – yes, that is real too.

Discussion (11)¬

  1. Emil says:

    This is crazy. Two comics in one week?!

  2. chaospet says:

    It’s pure madness!

  3. Canuovea says:

    Madness? This I… okay, I just can’t do it. Its been done too much.

    This reminds me of a bit of the Rock Paper Cynic style… not that there’s anything wrong with that even if it was deliberate.

    And that they actually have a perfume like that is creepy. I don’t want to know the manufacturing process.

  4. lurker says:

    This format is the exact same style as A Softer World…if it’s homage shouldn’t you cite them in some way in your blurb about the comic? I like your comic usually, and I was entertained by the content of this piece. But…it really comes off as if you’re ripping off someone else’s style here.

  5. Ess Bee says:

    This would have been better to post right before St. Valentine’s day… guys always have trouble finding that romantic little something for their ladies!

  6. chaospet says:

    Canuovea, it could be a fun job maybe?

    Lurker, there are a number of comics that have that style; Canuovea mentioned another. But for the record, when I first did this comic style, I specifically credited A Softer World.

    Essbee, rats! I should have thought of that. I guess at least this way the idea is out there in time for Christmas?

  7. Liosis says:

    And here I thought post modernism was over.

    (Note: Assigns term ‘post modern’ to anything trying too hard to be meaningful)

    Why, why would you want to wear that?!

  8. Liosis says:

    **trying to be meaningful and ending up being gross.

  9. chaospet says:

    Why WOULDN’T you want to wear that??

  10. lurker says:

    oh, fair enough. sorry for making unfounded assumptions! i do enjoy your comic.

  11. chaospet says:

    No worries, I’m glad you enjoy it!

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