#19 autofanticide, anyone?

#19 autofanticide, anyone?

This could develop into a fun little story arc, I think. I guess we’ll see! Enjoy the comic!

Discussion (3)¬

  1. Colin Matthews says:

    MMMMMM time travel.

  2. Luis says:

    The problem is, everywhen he goes, he will always be in the present.

    That suit needs a dial or something.

  3. Eagleon says:

    Or, if you kill your grandfather, the person that would have eventually looked like you, acted like you, and thus found a time-travel device like you, will never exist. But you still would, because you do, even though your parents may not be born yet.

    Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to kill your own grandfather if you happen to travel to the past, or else you wind up fighting evil clones. Yep.

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