#189 Dream a little dream

#189 Dream a little dream

Yup, it’s one of this sort of comic. Sorry if these annoy you, but they often make me chuckle and so I decided to create one myself.

In other news, it’s *amazing* weather here tonight; I just spent a little time out on Lake Michigan with lots of gusty winds and a brilliant view of the stars.

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  1. Emil says:

    They are called verticals. If you have google wave, I can send you some 100 of them. 🙂

  2. Canuovea says:

    Oh. I get it. It’s from Inception, right? And the whole thing revolves around “dreaming” hence the “I wouldn’t dream of it” bit. I didn’t get it right away, suppose I should finally see Inception, eh?

    Vertigos? They’re called vertigos? Or is it Vergos? Yeah, I’m a bit off this morning.

  3. chaospet says:

    Emil, no Google Wave, sadly. I heard they were discontinuing that anyway?

    Canuovea, yup, that’s it – you successfully broke down my very lame joke, lol. But yes, you should totally see Inception.

  4. Emil says:

    Chaospet, AFAIK they are just going to halt development, it works fine as it is for sharing large amounts of pictures easily. Besides, accounts are free, so just google it if you want.

    Also, this is related, I think, to the title.

    Very nice song.

  5. Emil says:

    As for Inception, I don’t want to see it yet since it isn’t on the net in high-quality.

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