#171 iPad… really?

#171 iPad… really?

Ok actually I think the iPad looks pretty cool, even if it is something of a letdown after all of the ridiculous media-fueled hype. I doubt I’ll buy one of the first models, but I could see myself getting one of these down the line after it’s developed a bit further.

But oh, Apple, the name. The horrible name. Really, “iPad”? Really? Did you do ANY market testing of this name?

And just in case you don’t get it, check out this Mad TV bit from a while back.

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  1. Dylan says:

    Months? Nester hasn’t been keeping track, rumours have been circulating since 2002, by my count.

    Considering apple own the domain ‘islate.com’, I think they probably went with the wrong name too.

    If only it had a camera and video conferencing tech, I think it would be perfect, personally. Looking for external hardware and a video conferencing app now. =D

  2. chaospet says:

    iSlate would have been so much better. Or iTab. Or pretty much anything.

    And yeah, I was really surprised and disappointed that it doesn’t have any sort of camera built in. And still no multitasking? A couple of the reasons I’ll probably hold out for a future model.

  3. Dylan says:

    The other reason to hold out for a future model being, based on what happened with the iphone, this time next year it’ll only cost a couple hundred dollars for the best model?

    Have to admit, using paintbrush on it would be awesome. And some of the app store games on it look incredible.

  4. chaospet says:

    Oooh yeah, the thought of Painting/Drawing programs on one of these makes me drool…

  5. Cassie says:

    Seriously, where the hell was the market research on this? Does no one on that team have a 12 year old son?

  6. chaospet says:


  7. John K says:

    I was hoping it would have some sort of thing that would make the screen have a softer look like the kindle….

  8. Canuovea says:

    Bah! I’m not gonna get one! But for no real reason, personally I just don’t need it. I’m not buying into the overconsumptive capitalist system which is inherently based on the greed of humanity… yadda yadda ydadda, rant, rant, rant… etc. No. I’m not a Marxist, but making fun of capitalism amuses me.

    Oh and I’ve got one for you guys (note: guys is not actually a gender based term, it just means oddly dressed people, or so I hear and so that’s how I mean it… sorta… Thats right you’re all oddly dressed…) er, anyway here it is:

    A man is limping past a church and the priest, being concerned, asks him “What’s wrong my son?” The man replies “My sole hurts.”

    Chew on that! Woo!… I’m lame.

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