#176 The Truth of Scientology

#176 The Truth of Scientology

Oh and by the way – Happy April Fool’s Day!

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  1. z-dawg says:

    Aw you had me for a few seconds there. Same thing every year, I always forget it’s April Fool’s Day until I come across something like this. Curse you!

  2. Canuovea says:

    Yeah I didn’t believe it for a moment. Not one. In fact… uh… okay there was, like, one second of worry.

    It’s like this morning… “Guess what? There has been an emergency meeting of the security council, Russia declared war on Pakistan. They traced the terrorists that attacked their subway to a group in Pakistan. And India has mobilized as well. China’s pretty worried at this point.”

    Actually I didn’t believe that for one moment, and I didn’t remember it was April Fool’s day at the time. I mean, thank goodness for keeping up on the news, a Chechen group has already claimed responsibility. Hah.

    And I pity the students that face the wrath of your April fools day pranks! Guess they got off lucky this time… Coincidently I didn’t get pranked at University today. Odd. Guess all the fun Profs are after 12.

  3. Dylan says:

    Internet April fools day jokes get a little tedious. The first site of the day you visit is humorous. Then then next is merely vaguely amusing. By the time you reach the end of your RSS feed, you’re asleep with boredom.
    Of course, the solution to this is to live in a weird time zone or sleep strange hours. Or both. I’ve managed to spread April fools day over three days. It’s been much more fun this way.
    Anyway, this was definitely one of the better pranks this year. The xkcd one was pretty amusing too.

    People that say April fools day ends at mid day are simply people that can’t keep their guard up for more than 12 hours. People that say that April fools day lasts a single day are almost as wussy. Where I’m from, April fools day lasts 365 days, starting April 1st every year.
    This of course means that once every four years, March 31st is a safe day. Because you need to sleep sometime.

  4. chaospet says:

    z-dawg: Excellent

    Canuovea: If I do get to teach on April Fool’s Day next year, I kind of pity my students too. The ones I had last year were pretty unhappy I think, at least until they got free points out of the prank.

    Dylan: Yeah what XKCD did was pretty awesome. My favorite was the year (I forget what year it was) when XKCD, Questionablecontent, and Qwantz all swapped index files. Because those are three of the sites I regularly visit, and I was browsing half-awake just after I’d gotten up, I actually didn’t notice right way.

  5. chaos872 says:

    14 days later, still no update, the april fools joke was that his post was real and he’s had no time for us, for busy is the life of a scientologist.

  6. chaospet says:

    It turns out that creating entertaining comics that praise (or denigrate, I still haven’t figured out which) Xenu is really hard. Scientology may not be for me after all.

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