#166 Correlation = Causation

#166 Correlation = Causation

Today’s comic is inspired by this humorous article, a cautionary tale of exactly how NOT to do experimental philosophy.

Also, here are links to articles discussing a few of the correlations I mentioned in the comic:
Being Fat makes you poor
Church makes you live longer
Breast implants make you kill yourself
Pirate Decline causes global warming

Enjoy, and see you Thursday!

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Dylan says:

    There’s an xkcd strip on correlation vs causation! And you made an XKCD related strip two weeks ago! And this is a webcomic! With people that fall close to the category of ‘stickmen’! You’re officially labeled an XKCD rip off. =P

  2. chaospet says:


  3. daftlittleinsomniac says:

    are we sure that the article was not meant as satire, because it kinda looked like it.

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