#120 A Christmas Story

#120 A Christmas Story

Sorry it’s a day late, but here it is anyhow – a lovely Christmas comic, just for you! Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

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  1. chaos872 says:

    scary to think that 76.5%(religioustolerence.org dated 2001) of americans identify as christans who fully buy into this. Thankyou chaospet for having the courage to refuse special sacrosanct status to theism!

  2. Raijinili says:

    Where have YOU been? It’s practically part of Internet culture to disparage popular religions, and religion as a whole.

  3. cat says:

    Hey, interesting perspective! Like it!

  4. EveryZig says:

    I heard a joke along these lines… An alien says to a human “So when Jesus came to us, we gave him a big box of chocolates. He visits us every week. What did you guys do?”

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  6. jaron says:

    in the second panel the alien says the word “savior” buuuut the human never mentions it… HOW?!?!!!?!?!??!?!??!? I guess I’ll just assume the alien had listened to radio on the way to earth.

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