#111 Erased… from existence!

#111 Erased… from existence!

Look, it’s a new comic! For the first time in weeks! Sorry about that. I was out of town one weekend, and had a friend in town another weekend, and the rest of the time I was mostly recovering from all of the partying involved. Hopefully things will be a little more regular now…

Discussion (6)¬

  1. Ian says:

    You know prunes will help you get more regular.

    Also good comic. I read through it all today and it made me do some research and learn new topics I might never have looked at, or studied. Keep up the good work.

  2. chaospet says:

    Thanks, glad you enjoy! And I will pick up some prunes right away.

  3. jaorn says:

    i always knew that was stupid. thanks for the validation!

  4. javaencadia says:

    Хорошая статья 🙂 Вот только не нашел ссылку на РСС блога?

  5. tuypo1 says:

    how is that suposed to work you can change what hapens but thats stupid

  6. Sumash says:

    The genius chained to the official table, should die or go mad, in the same way, as the person with a mighty constitution at sedentary life and modest behavior dies of an apoplectic seizure.

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