#194: CatASTRALphe (Guest Comic)

#194: CatASTRALphe (Guest Comic)

Hey look, it’s another new comic! Specifically, it is a new guest comic, created by the wonderful Sarah Lesson. If you haven’t seen her blog before you should go there now; there’s lots of funny and awesome stuff there, including even a few comics!

In other news, I found out today that I am now officially a published philosopher! You can check it out here, it’s the one on prepunishment. Rereading it now (over a year after I submitted it to the conference where it won the award that got it published) I’m actually not very happy with it and wish I could edit the hell out it, but oh well. It’s still pretty cool to be published!

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Emil says:

    I’ll read it. Sounds like you had been watching that film again, what it is called? Minority Report or something.

  2. EssBee says:

    Nice title on the comic, you are super-puntastic!

  3. chaospet says:

    Yup Emil, that’s the one. I need to watch it again sometime, it’s been a while.

    Thanks Ess, I’m glad there’s someone out there who appreciates the puns!

  4. Комп says:

    haha nice one

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