About this comic: This is a comic about philosophy, and also sometimes other stuff. The main characters are Nester and Gabe, and other recurring characters include Earl, Dr. McDragon, Pete the P-Zombie, and of course, God.

About the author: My name is Ryan Lake. I have a PhD in Philosophy, and all the wealth, power, and glamor that goes with it. I also have lots of other interests like politics, science, cool music, webcomics (duh), and good whiskey.

About you: You’re here, so in all likelihood you are pretty awesome. But I make no guarantees.

Comment Policy: Generally I prefer to allow discussions on the comics to proceed without censorship. But I reserve the right to remove comments that are abusive, inflammatory, or that excessively distract from the conversation.

If you’ve never commented here before, I have to approve your comments before they will appear (be patient, sometimes it takes me a while to check through the filtered comments). Once your first comment has been approved, you will be able to comment freely without any moderation from me.

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