#8 determinism is a bitch!

#8 determinism is a bitch!

hope you enjoy this one! free will/ determinism/ moral responsibility is a frustrating thicket of philosophical issues, but it’s fun!

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  1. james andrews says:

    sweet… reminds me of birdy from dustinland. this is good stuff, i think you need a regular cast of characters though.

  2. Jesca says:

    Yeah, as they found out at some point in Penny Arcade, it’s really tough to establish comic characters and make your readers care about them if you never give them names. Better to do it now, rather than have it be really awkward, like in Penny Arcade. (And make sure to pick names you like, so you don’t change them part-way through…you know…like in penny arcade…)

  3. John says:

    Very nice, I always enjoy it when a webcomic delves into complex existential issues. I actually just recently wrote and delivered a speech on the very topic, and my arguments were quite similar to yours. Except, you know, the whole moral apathy thing. I WAS in school. I’m glad I caught this webcomic early, and I hope it grows to your expectations. And yeah, a regular cast of characters would add to the familiarity of it all.

  4. 47a56d9718 says:



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