#49 Something from Nothing

#49 Something from Nothing

Lest anyone get offended, I’m not arguing against religion or any kind of theism per se.. This is only a (very abbreviated!) response to a particular ARGUMENT for theism that strikes me as pretty silly. Of course if you disagree, I’d love to discuss, just head on over to the forum!

Speaking of religion, how bout Ann Coulter’s assertion that Jews are just imperfect Christians that need to be perfected. Brilliant! By the same reasoning, I think we should argue that Christians are imperfect Muslims (who after all accept the Old and New Testament, and just add on a new prophet)… Or maybe we should say that they’re all really imperfect Mormons, since they have the most recent prophet, Joseph Smith? That’s right, Coulter – you are an imperfect Mormon!

Ah well. Nobody can say that she isn’t good at what she does.

That’s all for now, enjoy!

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