#46 Stardust

#46 Stardust

Look, two comics this week! Ok, that’s still below average, but it’s an improvement! I’m getting my routine down, balancing things better, so the schedule should be back to normal this week. I think.

Are you looking for some good moral philosophy? Then I highly recommend this book – Merit, Meaning, and Human Bondage, by Nomy Arpaly. She says a lot of really insightful things about the nature of moral blameworthiness (and praiseworthiness), and its compatibility with physical determinism (or indeterminism, for that matter). Even better, she writes in a style that is incredibly clear, engaging, and doesn’t presuppose a lot of philosophical background. Check it out!

Also, you’ve probably heard, but there’s a new Radiohead album coming out. I’m so psyched! The coolest thing is that for the download version, the price is – whatever you feel is fair! Brilliant. So long, old music distribution model. Or so we can hope.

That’s all for now, enjoy your weekends!

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