#155 Time Travel Sucks

#155 Time Travel Sucks

Wooo Thursday comic! Not much news today, except that I am overwhelmed with grading and other obligations. And also the FPA Conference is coming up next week already!!

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  1. LEGION says:

    Come to think of it, if you to change the past, you then remember the change as what happened. Then you get frustrated because to you your efforts change nothing. The space time continuum screwed us over again!

  2. Canuovea says:

    Ah but then you wouldn’t know why you would have wanted to go back in the first place… so you wouldn’t be frustrated!

    Also… Damn that’s funny.

    I remember hearing about (but not reading!) a Superman comic where Superman goes back in time to stop the Lincoln assassination. He stops it (duh, hes Superman!) and goes back to his own time only to find nothing changed. He goes back again to make sure, and yes he had changed history. Then he figures out that he created an alternate reality (or some such drivel) where Lincoln didn’t die (from THAT assassination)… but it didn’t actually affect his future.

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  4. Emil says:

    It seems that your understanding of time travel is actually correct. That’s surprising. Most people hold incoherent views on the matter. I suppose you’ve read some modal logic? :p Modal logic is your friend when dealing with this matter.

  5. Emil says:

    Oh yeah, and I forgot to say that the mouse-over joke is awesome! Made me lol.

  6. chaos872 says:

    just use your time travel machine with multiverse theory to jump to a universe where you didnt want to happen, didnt happen, (or to a universe where you are an emperor, or are the only one who has superpowers or whatever)

  7. EveryZig says:

    The problem with the “single unchangeable time-line” thing is that the only way for it to happen is for you to be unable to effect anything that you remember (or to have a bunch of temporal MIB hanging around with memory-erase sticks at all times everywhere).

    Also, I just thought of an awesome concept: the philosophical-zombie-zombie. He makes a completely convincing impression of desiring to eat your brains, even though he does not truly feel desire.

  8. chaospet says:

    EveryZig: Well, there’s no reason in principle that you couldn’t casually affect things in the past on that model, even things that you remember. It’s just that your causal influences would all happen the way that they always happened, and so there would be no way that could make things happen in a different way from what you remembered… including potentially your very own actions as a time traveler, which does make it seem that time travel has some potentially striking consequences for the free will of time travelers.

  9. EveryZig says:

    What I am saying is this: Future version of you is yF and Past version is yP. There seems to be nothing stopping yF from meeting yP at a date when yF has no memories of ever meeting a defferent version of himself. For example if yF appears in front of a building that he remembers looking at in the past at the exact moment yP is looking at the building.

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