#115 Eternal Bliss

#115 Eternal Bliss

This is a problem that has bothered me for a long time. I could never decide which would be worse, ceasing to exist, or the unfathomable emptiness that would inevitably accompany eternal life. Thankfully Mark has solved this problem for me and for all of us – the key to eternal bliss is real-life Mario Kart.

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  1. zantar says:

    heaven isn’t about “fun”. it’s about spending eternity in the presence of our glorious heavenly Father. and that doesn’t ever get boring!

  2. Mark says:

    I think I’d get sick of His “oh look at Me, I’m Almighty! Look at my infinite Justice and perfect Love!” shtick after 8 billion years or so. A soul can only take so much of that Crap.

  3. chaospet says:

    You’re more patient than I am, I could handle that for 7 billion years, tops.

  4. zantar says:

    yeah well what do you think is worse getting a little bored or being on fire for 8 billion years!!!!@!!!!!!!! but i guess you’ll find that out for yourself

  5. Wm Tanksley says:

    zantar, I don’t see how it’s possible to see that for oneself… One would have to experience two eternities, and the Kalaam cosmological argument seems to indicate that even experiencing one entirely is impossible.

    If you meant that we’d get to compare 8 billion years in the presence of God versus the same amount of time on fire, well, that’s possible, but it doesn’t seem to be doctrinally supported. I suppose one could hope the Catholics are right, but I don’t think there’s a way to get back into Purgatory if one decides the fire would be better. Plus, the current Pope said something about Purgatory not being temporal, so even that might not be possible.

    Hmm. Deep subject.

  6. chaos872 says:

    Heaven as a concept is kindof a pointless subject to ponder over. I personally belive that you ARE your brain, no brain no life hence no afterlife but allowing for other ideas it is still in the area of a poinless topc. “GOD” and “Heaven” are by current pop culture definition perfect and eternal and even the most complex well developed deep minds of our times is simply nowhere even close enough to that level of complexity of understandng to be even able to comprehend any fraction of that reality much less postulate accuralty about such a place. it’d be the equivilant of a plankton trying to speculate on nuclear fission.

  7. Raijinili says:

    I was going to say something, but I realized it was stupid and decided not to submit a comment.

  8. Dragon Dancer says:

    …If there is a heaven, there have to be a lot of them. Depending on the person, something could either be a heaven or a hell. Following through with that logic, there have to be a lot of hells, too, so that nobody gets a heaven instead of a hell when they go there.

    So, to lessen paperwork for God and the Devil… We probably build up our own heavens and hells while experiencing life.

    All of this assuming that Heaven and Hell exist, and God and the Devil do, too.

    My brain hurts.


  9. chaospet says:

    No I’m pretty sure that for all people, eternal real life Mario Kart would be paradise. And if there are any people for whom that is not the case, they deserve to suffer.

  10. Dragon Dancer says:

    But… But… I think I’d find Mario Kart a bit boring after a while. o.o

    I’d need a land with magic, quests, dragons, and a few dwarves, elves, and demons for my paradise. Call me a psycho, but I find that idea lovely. ^.^

  11. Abeo says:

    It could also be possible that the divine persence of god acts as a kind of mind-altering substance. That being near him removes your mind’s ability to process boredom. God is a labotomy. Yay.

    But seriously, spending an eternity doing anything ends up being just about the same. An eternity of “happiness” is boring just the same way that an eternity of “being on fire” would cease being painful and would become boring. Not that you would stop processing the pain, just that your mind would, after a certain point, lack the reference to the lack of pain. Pain would become the new base state of your existence.

    Unless it didn’t.

    Personally I think that being on fire without fear of death could be interesting, once you got over the initial, “Oh god I’m on fire and it hurts a bunch.”

  12. Wm Tanksley says:

    I dunno how so many people here claim to know so much about what eternity is like… The space between comic updates aren’t THAT long, guys. It just feels that way.

  13. chaospet says:


  14. Wm Tanksley says:

    Aw, think of it as a backhanded compliment. You’re not too bad, for a guy who uses an undead soulless bloodsucking parasite as an avatar. I don’t care what everyone else says about you.

  15. Wm Tanksley says:

    …seriously, I don’t have a problem with the update non-schedule. More is better, sure, but the topics are what’s really important.

  16. chaospet says:

    No offense taken, I’m just happy there are folks out there who enjoy what I’m doing!

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  18. daftlittleinsomniac says:

    writing hilarious, witty and interesting comics and then providing an open forum under neath for people to discuss the material and share the space. I wish more web comic artists did this. I always appreciate it when they do. thank you.

  19. chaospet says:

    Thank you for the kind words, I’m glad you enjoy it!

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